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Soh Wan Wei

Creating Digital Humans: Interview With Prof. Hao Li, CEO of Pinscreen

In this interview, Prof. Hao Li shares his thoughts on resolving the Uncanny Valley Problem and the potential uses of human-like virtual avatars.
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The world’s first blockchain lifestyle festival, Block Live Asia, debuts in Singapore on April 18 and 19

The world’s first blockchain lifestyle festival, Block Live Asia, debuts in Singapore on April 18 and 19.
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Andrew Hessel: Emerging Technologies Are Agnostic. Human Intention Is Key.

Today, we’re excited to have Andrew Hessel, CEO of Humane Genomics, talk to us about programming living things, on the ability of biotechnology to cause harm, and the similarities between...
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singapore robot

Are SMEs in Singapore ready for AI and Blockchain solutions? Interview with Irene Boey

Interview w/ Irene Boey, Chairman of SMEcentre@ASME and Vice-President (Strategies and Development) of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises.
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Misconceptions of Artificial Intelligence? Interview with Dr Pierre Brunswick

Today, we’re excited to have Honorary Professor Pierre Brunswick, CEO and co-founder of NeuroMem Technologies with us. Enjoy this feature!
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AI and Ethics? Find Out More From Will Knight!

What are the issues surrounding AI and Ethics? Find out more from Will Knight, the Senior Editor for Artificial Intelligence at MIT Technology Review.
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Blockchain’s Greatest Controversy? Find Out More From Nicole Nguyen!

In her current role as Head of Asia Pacific for Infinity Blockchain Ventures, Nicole Nguyen is spearheading a regional initiative to connect major players and to foster the evolving blockchain...
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William Nobrega: “Stay Alert For Black Swans In Artificial Intelligence”!

William Nobrega is the Managing Partner of DTN Venture Partners, a boutique-consulting firm that focuses on advising insurance and tech companies on disruptive strategies for emerging markets and the New...
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junya yamamoto

AI x Blockchain? Featuring Junya Yamamoto, CEO of Infinity Blockchain Labs

Today we have the huge privilege of featuring Junya Yamamoto, the CEO of Infinity Blockchain Labs. Yamamoto-san shares with us his thoughts about Vietnam, the relationship between AI and blockchain,...
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