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Going Crypto: 6 Clear Benefits of Decentralized Currency

This is a guest post by Rose Donner on decentralized currency. Enjoy! The global financial economy in on the brink of a revolution. The days when banks controlled the world’s...
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[23/7 NEO update!] From the NEO Singapore Meet-Up!

Today I went to this NEO Singapore Meet-Up and it was such an amazing experience! NEO’s founder Mr. Da Hongfei did the first presentation. I hold quite a bit of...
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[Announcement] NuMoney Event On 14th July 2018!

This is a guest post by Cheryl Goh from NuMoney. There is a NuMoney event happening this Saturday–Enjoy! Started as an OTC (over the counter) service in late 2017 for...
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4 Important Things About Crypto Assets You Need To Know!

Today’s post is on the different types of Crypto Assets. Given that cryptocurrency terminology can get intimidating sometimes, we prepared this post to help all of us navigate our cryptocurrency...
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The Brief History of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Alt-Coins

‘The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.’ — Winston Churchill A Brief History of Bitcoin  Bitcoin which is a new form of currency has been evolving for the...
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FAQ: 5 Commonly Asked Questions About Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency market is highly risky and volatile–yet many are still drawn to it as returns may be absurdly high! Here are the five commonly asked questions about cryptocurrencies and...
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Cryptocurrency Wallet: What Is It All About?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program which is used for storing private as well as public keys. It also interacts with various blockchain to enable end users to send...
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Which Crypto Exchanges To Use And How To Cash Out

One of challenges about buying and selling cryptocurrencies is sieving through crypto exchanges to find the right one. This post is about which crypto exchanges to use and how to...
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What is Cryptocurrency

What Is Cryptocurrency?

IKIGUIDE’s Recommendation: If you prefer a video explanation–do check out the excellent episode titled “cryptocurrency” under the “Explained” series on Netflix.  What is “Cryptocurrency”? A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency...
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3 Things The Viola.AI Love Assistant Can Do For Couples

This weekend, we watched an episode on Netflix’s “Black Mirror” that was on AI and dating. And that really caught our interest–because isn’t that precisely what Viola.AI is doing on...
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Hello Kim! I personally use meetup.com to search for crypto-related events. For the case of...


Hi, how did the attendees even know of this event?


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