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How Blockchain Creates A Better World Via Verifiable Public Information

Today’s post is on blockchain technology and verifiable public information. In particular, I posit that blockchain technology can lead to a world where people lead better lives by making less...
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Discerning Between Market Value And Human Value

Recently I’ve been hanging out with crypto-speculators/ entrepreneurs/ entrepreneurs-wannabes. And to my great initial surprise and mild horror, I realised that there are some in this group who view both...
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3 Reasons Why The Bitcoin Whitepaper Is Really About Human Nature

The wild fluctuations of bitcoin prices has thrown bitcoin into the media’s limelight especially for the past year. Yet how many people know exactly why bitcoin is created? Against this...
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[13th Jan ’18] Singapore Bitcoin Club x Bountie.io Outreach

Yesterday I had the privilege of emceeing a Singapore Bitcoin Club x Bountie.io event as one of Bountie’s ambassadors–yay! And here’s the view from the front! It was really fun...
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Cryptocurrency: Can We Create A Better World By Being Greedy?

A quick post before I go to bed on the topic of greed and cryptocurrency. Adam Smith once wrote in “The Wealth Of Nations”: “It is not from the benevolence...
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[ XLM Update! ] From The Stellar Lumens In Singapore Meetup

Yesterday my friend Raymond and I went to the Stellar Lumens in Singapore meetup at SUSS. It was a great information and networking session so I wanted to blog some...
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3 Lessons I’ve Learnt About “Value” From Trading Crypto

Today I want to write briefly about the 3 lessons I’ve learnt about the concept of “value” from trading crypto. Now, there are many definitions of this term “value”. The...
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Top 5 Lessons I’ve Learnt From Trading Cryptocurrency

Today before I head out I’ll like to do a quick post on the Top 5 Things I’ve Learnt From Trading Cryptocurrencies. Prelude: How I Got Into Crypto Well I’m...
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“What is HODL!?” The Top 5 Must-Know Cryptocurrency Jargons

As a professional who has been doing Public Relations/ Community Management in the cryptoworld for some time already, it recently came to my attention that some of my friends are...
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Why Read The ICO White Paper Before You Buy The Token?

If ICO is the blood funding a new project, the ICO white paper must be its spirit. This morning I read with interest the article “Why Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are...
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