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Mana Ogawa: “If our minds are calm, we can naturally tell our stories in a grounded manner.”

For this Christmas, we have the huge privilege of having Mana Ogawa with us! This feature is part of our Truth Series. Enjoy!~ Wan Wei: Hello Mana! Can you tell us more about yourself...
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High on Crypto? Why 2018 Is The Year of ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

Today’s brief post is my personal opinion on why I think 2018 is the year of ICO, the abbreviation of “initial coin offering”. Recently we have seen so many news...
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Thought Experiment: If Emotions Change, Can Narratives Be Static? 

Today I want to write something brief about how thoughts/ narratives and justifications can be used to find clarity towards our inner selves, so that we can all have greater...
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“What is Truth?” Interview With Shane Yan!

Today we have the huge privilege of having Shane Yan with us! This feature is part of our Truth Series.  Author of dream-discovery journal Wide Asleep, Sound Awake and the Managing Director of Savoir Asia, Shane Yan...
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Best Personal Brand Award 2017: A Huge Success!

Last Monday, I had the huge privilege of attending MIS Glittering Awards Night 2017 as Andrew Chow’s VIP guest! Organised by the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS), this event celebrates the excellent...
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Peng Chi Sheng: “Music Is Like Every Next Breath I Take To Keep My Heart Beating.”

Today we have the huge privilege of interviewing Peng Chi Sheng (冯启胜)! Peng Chi Sheng is the Director and Music Producer at Intune Music Pte Ltd. He specializes in helping musicians...
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Dr Yvonne Looi: ‘Be Kind Whenever Possible. It Is Always Possible.’

Today we have the huge privilege of having Dr Yvonne Looi with us! This feature is part of our Truth Series. Dr Yvonne Looi is the founder of the Nation of Joy Movement. She...
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Anthea Ong: “It’s better to be kind always than to try to be right all the time.”

Today we have the huge privilege of having Anthea Ong with us! Anthea Ong is the founder of Hush Tea Bar, Playground of Joy and Anagami wellness. She is a passionate, entrepreneurial leader...
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Adia Tay: “Truth, to me, is something that lasts forever.”

Today we have the huge privilege of having singer-songwriter Adia Tay with us! Adia Tay, 25, is a singer-songwriter who sings every Friday at Barber Shop by Timbre with her band,...
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“What Is Truth?” Interview with Dr Loretta Chen

Today we have the huge privilege of having Dr Loretta Chen with us! Currently based in Honolulu, Dr Loretta Chen is a Singaporean creative director, media personality, professor and bestselling...
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