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Best Personal Brand Award 2017: A Huge Success!

Last Monday, I had the huge privilege of attending MIS Glittering Awards Night 2017 as Andrew Chow’s VIP guest! Organised by the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS), this event celebrates the excellent work and glittering moments of the winners as they receive the prestigious awards in recognition of their success and achievements in the year 2017. The focus of the MIS Glittering Awards is the Best Personal Brand Award 2017.

At Painless.Asia, one of our mission is to serve the community by raising the self-awareness of individuals. Correspondingly, in order to have an excellent personal brand, a healthy sense of self-awareness and internal clarity are essential.

This comes from befriending yourself first, then working out a great positioning and USP to serve the larger community, towards a vision larger than yourself.

As a personal branding practitioner who has been serving the European Market –Check out IKIGUIDE, and do read my interview with Andrew Chow here–for some time, it was indeed a huge pleasure to catch up with old friends and make new ones 🙂


MIS Glittering Awards Night: What is the Best Personal Brand 2017 Award?

Curated by Andrew Chow, this prestigious award recognizes the achievements of individuals, in terms of their personal assets, strengths and skills, and positioning which have made a positive difference in their professional life.

Winners have distinguished themselves from their fellow counterparts by curating their own personal image and identity. They have track record of activities such as tribe-building, done extensive community services, published a book solely under their name, enjoyed local and regional presence, social media following, media coverage, and charity.

A huge congratulations to all winners–you must have been so inspiring in your own ways to your tribe!

Here Are Some Of The Winners I’ve Met At The Gala:

Best Personal Brand Award 2017 Winner: Dr Elias Tam

elias tam
Dr Elias Tam with his wife <3 Photograph by Bernard Lee of StoryBox Collective.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Dr Elias Tam and I’m so happy to be able to meet his wife that night! Dr Tam has such a huge heart for his patients and you can always rest assured that your beauty is safe in his hands.

Best Personal Brand Award 2017 Winner: Vincent Ng

vincent ng

Vincent organized The Happiness Festival with Raniel Lee, and he also co-wrote a book “Why You Should Fail”. Pretty amazing individual and super young also–which means we can stay tuned to more community-serving events and initiatives from him!

Best Personal Brand Award 2017 Winners: Bernadette Chua and Yuki Ng!

bernadette chua and yuki ng

I’ve always been a huge fan of Yuki Ng’s writing–so much flair in Chinese! It’s always a pleasure reading her experiences online.

And it was such a huge privilege to be able to have an in-depth discussion with Bernadette Chua about her work. We were talking about creating safe spaces in teams and finding out about the personalities and person of your team members. That’s pretty much what we stand for as well at Undelusional.

For instance, would you dare share your biggest fears with your team mates? Why yes and why not? 😉

Best Personal Brand Award 2017 Winner: Millie Leung

millie leung

I was so happy to meet Millie after so many years! We first met in 2012, around 5 years ago when she moved to Singapore. So it was personally meaningful to me to have the huge privilege to see her personal and professional growth via social media channels, even though we’re both usually flying all over the world! 🙂

The gala was the second time I’ve met Millie face-to-face and so it’s amazing to realise: (1) The power of social media, and (2) The amazing difference five years can make in your life!

Vernon Lim

vernon lim

Because I just came back from Helsinki, I actually thought I wouldn’t know a lot of people at the gala. So I was really thankful to be sitting next to Vernon Lim and Amos Marcus Koh, because they were so incredibly NICE!

Amos was being so gentlemanly constantly helping me to get food at the round table (thank you so much Amos!). We also had so much to talk about and I find it really amazing that he has done so much in fashion in spite of not having a fashion background. That’s some guts man–and I respect his expertise and passion a lot.

Vernon and I had a great time talking about copywriting and PR. ^^ What’s new. 😀

Best Personal Brand Award 2017 Winner: Teo Peiru

teo peiru

I have so much respect and admiration towards this lady that I cannot even. ^^ Peiru’s so strong, so resilient, and personally I think she’s a huge inspiration. Her entrepreneurial story is in Vincent’s book too so do get a copy today!

Oh I’ve also received two books from two winners.

One of them is the book “She speaks, he listens” by Mousumi and Naveen Bhat “One Odd Couple”. And the other is “12 Axioms of Optimal Living by Constance Lim.

bhat couple

I’ve enjoyed both books thoroughly and am moved by the couple’s and Constance’s generosity in the sharing of hearts and life experiences via their books!

I didn’t get to take a photograph with Constance though, which is a pity! I’m sure our paths will cross again. 🙂 She’s such an inspiration.

Best Personal Brand Award 2017 Winner: Eunice Tan

I’ve met Eunice once through Dr Patrick Liew, and I’ve always liked her ability to make people feel warm. She’s the director at JPS Consultancy. Am super happy to be able to catch up with her at the Gala again!

Eugene Seah also did an amazing live interview with us, which you can watch here:


MIS Glittering Awards Night 2018: Will We Get To Nominate You For The Best Personal Brand Award?

I already have some people in mind to nominate, such as some ladies Christina Teo and Mana Ogawa *hint hint* hahaha~

At any rate on behalf of our PAINLESS.ASIA team we would like to warmly congratulate all winners again. Thank you for having the guts to be the best version of yourself to serve the wider community!

And once again, thank you Andrew Chow for the invite, and for curating this event. =)

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