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Exclusive: By Invite Only

Have you ever had the embarrassing moment of wearing the same accessories with someone in the room? This would not have happened if you are donning a piece from By Invite Only (BIO). BIO specialises in creating unique embellishments in limited quantity, making your fashion style the “one and only”. On top of that, you will never have a dull moment with the ever-changing style-lines from BIO.

Today, we are thrilled to have with us Trixie, the founder of BIO, to share her experience and journey.


Hi Trixie, first and foremost, our pleasure in having By Invite Only (BIO) here for our interview! Thanks for swinging in to accept our interview! Can you share with us what is your latest going?

We are going to be moving into a new office space and part of it would be converted to a showroom where customers can drop it to shop or collect their orders. We are also going to have a revamped website that would roll out in a couple of months.


That’s sounds exciting. We understand that one unique features of BIO is the rarity factor in your craft – from choice of material to limited quantity. Can you share with us what attracts you to the rarity-exclusive notion?

Well in our business, we have a lot of competition especially recently in Singapore, many new jewellery labels have started to use similar crystal aesthetics in their designs. By keeping our numbers low, we are constantly refreshing our product line. There is a need to constantly innovate and evolve our products so by the time our competitors has kept up, we would be sold out and moving on to the next new thing in store.

It also keeps our customers constantly intrigued on what we are going to launch week by week and encourages them to act fast before their favourite pieces are gone.


You mentioned that you are constantly on the lookout for ‘intriguing’ materials, what does intriguing materials mean to you? 

This always changes depending on what I come across and also on my mood at that time. A few years back, we explored using feathers or wood in our jewellery. Now we are into chunky statement crystals with vibrant colours. Even the less fun stuff like clasps and connectors, if I am able to find one that is more durable or closes in a new innovative way (for example, now they have metallic closures available in the market) I would be excited about that.


Sounds like the world is the limit in terms of inspiration. Why the inclination towards mineral and crystals then?

Until now, these crystals and stones continue to draw me in and inspire me every time I look at them. It’s very versatile material because we can cut it into different shapes and assemble it the way we want to. My design process usually starts with buying materials and what catches my eye first then thinking of assembly.


What is the biggest challenge in creating pieces from these type of material?

I guess that because crystals are naturally made and available, there is an abundance of it. I can’t patent it as a material that I created (because I didn’t, mother nature did) and it is also easily available for anyone who is keen on purchasing them. Hence back to our need to constantly keep the numbers low, and in our designs, the key is innovation. As such, we can maintain reinvent the commonness of the material into something that says BIO.


What is your philosophy when creating a piece of jewellery? Is there something that you won’t compromise for? 

Most importantly, it has to be fuss free for the wearer. My personal aesthetic is very minimalistic, and comfort comes first. We always gather feedback from our customers, if it is flimsy or feels funny when in wear, we scrap or change that design. Also, it should not get in the wearer’s day to day activity; ideally it should just fit their lifestyle just right.


Rarity-exclusivity, stones and crystals can be associated with love as well, have you ever considered doing couple / friendship style-lines?

Actually we have not because we are only focusing on the ladies right now. The trend to be complimentary to your partner or friend isn’t as strong in Singapore as compared to South Korea or Japan. But maybe in the future. Never say never right?


Well, we will be keeping a keen eye out for that then. Lastly, Can you complete this sentence please: Jewellery is for crossing the Ts and dotting the Is of an outfit and By Invite Only™ is for anyone looking for a contemporary yet statement piece to complete an ensemble.


It was lovely to have Trixie with us today! From this interview, what came forth starkly is Trixie’s sincerity that goes into every piece of her design. We believe this is what keeps BIO a fave among the ladies. To start your own collection of these unique pieces, visit By Invite Only!

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