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Blockchain for Non-Techies

Dear Friends,

I have started a FREE Facebook group for non-technical people to study the blockchain technology together.

Join our “Blockchain for Non-Techies”!

Recently I found out that many non-technical people disqualify themselves from the various opportunities that come in the blockchain space simply, because they believe they cannot understand blockchain technology as non-coders.

I believe this is a MYTH and I want to change it. Technology is ALWAYS a mere enabler & NOT the source to creating a better world.

Why do I say this?

Two decades ago, people started to digitalise their businesses and lifestyles with mass adoption of the internet and the PC/Mac.

Digitalization of business processes enabled entrepreneurs to deliver more value to people across time and geographical borders. Hence, entrepreneurs are able to charge more and charge higher, as they scale their product offerings.

Would entrepreneurs be able to do this if they do not have knowledge of business models, or the ability to think different?

Or we can simply look at the most recent five years.

Take cloud computing for example. There are so many providers of cloud services these days, from Google Cloud to Alibaba Cloud to AWS Cloud.

If you are an entrepreneur using the services of ANY of the above cloud companies, it cannot be that “superior technology” is your unique selling point.

Technology is only a leverage. Your customers will not pay you for SUPERIOR technology. They will only pay you for the VALUE they get.

Massive wealth creation starts from scaling value

Businesses that accumulate massive wealth in the upcoming decade will be businesses that leverage on technology to scale, serve many people and generate exponential value to their customers.

Like other industries, the KEYS to massive wealth creation in the blockchain space is in creativity, innovation and the knowledge of business models.

Invitation: Blockchain For Non-Technical People

So don’t disqualify yourself from participating in the blockchain space, even if you identify as non-technical.

The winning factor lies in business acumen, NOT in technical skills.

With your non-technical skill-sets, you can identify opportunities and create massive wealth in the blockchain space too. 

We invite YOU to join our FREE FB Group “Blockchain for Non-Techies”.

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