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[Case Study] How SK-II uses aspirational storytelling to engage.

At IKIGUIDE, we define “personal branding” as “superior skills made aspirational”. This post is on how SK-II uses aspirational storytelling to engage its audiences.

Have you noticed this #changedestiny video making its rounds on social media, especially via Facebook?

Recently, we’d noticed that luxury skincare brands like SK-II have been making quite some intensive digital investment on their youtube channels.

After all, leveraging on digital media to reach out to the younger crowd can prove to be an effective and engaging way to enhance SK-II’s reputation and brand story.

And SK-II does its brand engagement via the technique of aspirational and empowering storytelling .

Watch this motivating dancer’s story on how she challenges boundaries:

And Singapore’s very own Priscilla Shunmugam.


What has videos like that got to do with SK-II’s main products? You ask.

Empowering videos like the above actually do contribute to SK-II’s brand values, such as the commitment to consistently deliver innovative and groundbreaking beauty products, and the importance to invest in your future self.

“Aspirational marketing” alludes to a “future self” as an improvement an upgrade from the current one. It’s something like a “level up” which can be done with the purchase and use of the product.

And this is precisely why aspirational marketing is so powerful!

Just like this one:

¬†“Take care of your skin today!”

So you see, sharing inspiring and empowering stories about other role models or successful people in society does value add your brand, because these videos inspire your consumers to be a better/best version of themselves.

If you intend to position your personal brand as “aspirational”, the above videos might serve as great inspiration!

(Photo and video source: SK-II, P&G)

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