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Hype vs Reality : Do New Remittance Platforms Truly Bank The Unbanked?

This post on CurrencyFair is written by our freelance correspondent Bree Yek. Image of VIP launch event taken by Bree Yek We were invited to attend the VIP launch of...
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Vanessa Thien Hui Ying kwang guo dong ripple ikiguide

Ripple Around Asia: Ripple’s Annual Conference SWELL

This post is co-written by Vanessa Thien Hui Ying and Kwang Guo Dong and supported by the friendly folks at Ripple. 08/11/19 SWELL 2019 was recently held at Singapore (one...
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chainlink pump and dump

Chainlink: Mere Hype Or Something More?

Recently, both Contelegraph and Venturebeat reported that the Chainlink cryptocurrency projects shows signs of “pump and dump scam”. This conclusion was based on a comprehensive research done by blockchain research...
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bitcoin digital gold

Can You Really Call Bitcoin, “Digital Gold”?

Gold dominated the media limelight recently. According to some analysts, its price could even hit USD $2,000 per ounce in the next year or two if lower interest rates and...
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global crypto usd

Will A Global Cryptocurrency Replace The USD as Reserve Currency Anytime Soon?

The ongoing trade war between the United States and China could result in a volatile world economy anytime soon, and the two largest economies could weaponize their currencies by continuously...
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Blockchain 2019: IKIGUIDE’s 4 Main Themes To Look Out For

Hello! this is Wan Wei, the founder of IKIGUIDE. I hope everyone has enjoyed an awesome Christmas! Today’s post outlines IKIGUIDE’s 2019 focus: Four blockchain themes that we will be working...
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Screenshot 2018 11 19 20.18.59

A Geeky Reflection on Devrel Summit: Developer Engagement Is Key

This is a reflection post from our guest writer, Wing Puah of The Geek Wing from her experience with the Devrel Summit 2018. Enjoy the read! A geeky reflection on...
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Screen Shot 2018 10 21 at 12.27.19 AM

The Crypto Divergence: USD & USDT

Within the last 24 hours, Crypto markets have seen the largest divergence between its largest used currency anchors US dollar (USD) and USD Tether (USDT/ Tether). Tether broke past $0.95...
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Chainlink: Mere Hype Or Something More?
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Can You Really Call Bitcoin, “Digital Gold”?
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