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Celestia Faith Chong: “Every Woman Is Charming When She Is Confident In Who She Is And What She Does.”

Today we have the huge privilege of having Celestia Faith Chong, a beautiful image consultant-cum-marketer with us. Enjoy the feature!

celestia faith chong

Wan Wei: Hi Celestia, can you tell us more about yourself and what you are currently doing?

Celestia Faith Chong: I am a blessed single mom of three beautiful angels. I would say that I am a marketer who helps my clients in creating the right marketing message to their clients from social media marketing and offline marketing efforts which includes corporate and personal image consultation, content writing and planning their events.

On a side note, I do freelance modeling and acting as well. Since 2014, my life started to change after I took the first step in joining Mrs Singapore 2014. I was shortlisted as one of Mrs Singapore Finalist and won Mrs Community Service Queen 2014, Mrs Style Essence 2014. I was invited to be the Mrs Singapore TV Youtube Host with 7 episodes in 2015. Subsequently the Official Blogger for Mediacorp Rotax Max in 2015 and Exclusive Blogger for “Who is Jesus” musical in 2016. I was also featured in the poster of Segway marketing collaterals both online and offline in Sentosa, Singapore Map, Singapore Tourism Board Video, Suria, National Day 2017 goody bag coupon. In 2016, I became the Face, Body & Skin Ambassador after winning the pageant and Base Entertainment Ambassador 2016/2017, Best dressed awards in MBS Longines event in 2016, SMRT Best Dressed Female in 2017, Best Dressed Influencer Awards in Emirates Singapore Derby 2017 with a double win with Best Blog too! I was also invited once to FM88.3 and twice to FM97.2 not forgetting being featured in corporate videos and TVC, opportunities to interview several successful people and made friends with many media personalities who had guided and taught me loads.

I am also active in volunteer works with “A Packet of Rice” for the past few years and also have volunteered in Society of Aged Homes and Willing Hearts.

celestia faith chong

Wan Wei: You have such an impressive portfolio! Can you share with us a little more Celestia, on what it means to “be yourself” and how it relates to self-esteem? Is it possible to “be yourself” and still have a low self-esteem?

Celestia Faith Chong: How often have you wondered who you are? I questioned myself many times–

Who am I? How can I be myself? What are my strengths and weaknesses? What are my values? How do I react to a particular situation? Would I be accepted by my love ones? Do I have to fall within the society norms to be accepted? Is it important to please people around me?
At the end of the day, I conclude that I need to start loving myself as the first step.
To accept my own strength and weaknesses. To flaunt what I got to offer. Downplay my weaknesses and laugh at the silliness when it happens. To live life like no other. To start each day with an open heart absorbing the happiness that nature could give with the blue skies, warm sun and waking up each day looking at the peaceful sleeping faces of my 3 angels.
Embrace yourself with an open heart. Share your life experiences. Be strong and inspire people around you in a small way. Surround yourself with positive people. Be self-conscious yet confident with unwavering principles.
It is possible to be yourself and still have low self esteem. BUT this only happens when you allow to. Don’t undervalue your self-worth for you are loved by God and your love ones. You deserve nothing less.

Wan Wei: What is beauty and vulnerability to you?

Celestia Faith Chong: I believe that beauty exudes from within.

Beauty includes charisma, confidence, class and the ability to captivate. You do not need to be born looking perfect. Every woman is charming when she is confident in who she is and what she does.

You can accentuate your physical assets by dressing in style, making aesthetic/plastic enhancements, loving yourself by having a good lifestyle and having a positive outlook in life.

I am someone who is not afraid to reveal my vulnerabilities, which I have shared on my social media. I’m blessed to have people giving me support at the lowest points in my life. It is all right to be down for a short period but the crux is to pick up yourself after that and learn from the painful episode.

Letting go is what I am still constantly learning to do. At times I tried too hard and failed to see that letting go and moving on would be a better alternative. In case of relationship, it took me a good 8 years to learn that letting go a loveless marriage works better for the kids cos since then I had been so much happier than before.

I had relationships after which that did not work out too but I am thankful for whomever that God had sent my way for I had grown wiser in this journey.

Wan Wei: We know that you are an image coach. Can you give us three tips on how any lady or gentleman can look presentable instantly?

Celestia Faith Chong:

  • Be Confident (Verbal/Body Language)
  • Dress in accordance to the occasion with makeup (for ladies)
  • Hygiene (clean/trimmed nails, fresh breath, no body odour etc.)

celestia faith chong

Wan Wei: What would you say is the power of a great first impression?

Celestia Faith Chong: Don’t judge a book by its cover is applicable only after your first impression has passed the acceptance mark.

First impression is important and not to be neglected. We only have one chance to create the first impression. This is the moment when people form a positive or negative impression of you. This could make or break a business deal, partnership or your next relationship.

Make the effort or break the deal!

Wan Wei: Do you believe that there is only one “The One”, or can there be many?

Celestia Faith Chong: It would be a blessing to find the right one.

However it would usually take time to know a person so leaving the options open to know more people in the friend zone and allow nature to take its own course before settling for The One.

Wan Wei: What would you regard as the most important virtue in a life partner?

Celestia Faith Chong: I would rate integrity as the most important virtue. In Wikipedia, “Integrity is the qualifications of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. It is generally a personal choice to hold oneself to consistent moral and ethical standards.”

Values to me greatly determine a person character whether he would be someone who treats people with respect and empathy. That to me is beauty inside out as I am someone who is passionate in volunteering activities when I could afford the time.

celestia faith chong

Wan Wei: On a parting note, do you have anything else to add?

Celestia Faith Chong: I believe that we each have a book to write. We have a choice to fill it with colors or black and white.

For me, I know it would be full of colors, regardless the challenges that I am facing now but I know that I would be able to overcome it with the faith and strength from God.

One day I would like to be strong enough to inspire and help more people in need especially single mothers. I believe this day will come soon.


We hope you have enjoyed PAINLESS Asia’s feature today with Celestia Faith Chong! Feel free to visit Celestia’s blog here, or feel free to follow her on twitter/ instagram @celestiafaithchong. Or watch Celestia on youtube here!

All photographs courtesy of Celestia Faith Chong. =)

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