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Coffee Time with Zindigo!

Today we are pleased to have with us the team at Zindigo, the one stop portal which offers a unique selection of specialty fashion brands all over the world! The team shared with us their thoughts on fashion, marketing and the digital revolution.


Listen to what they have to say right here:

IG: Hi Zindigo! Thank you for your time today!
Zindigo: Thank you for having us!

IG: Zindigo is such an interesting concept! Can you tell us a little bit more about what Zindigo does?
Zindigo: Zindigo is the first company to offer a billion social users a free fashion business with tools, training and support where they can earn 40% of revenues by leveraging the power of social media. We are paving the way for a new landscape of a fashion social revolution.

IG: Why did you start Zindigo?
Zindigo: Zindigo was formed to revolutionize the way people around the world shop for boutique fashion merchandise, and to provide a powerful selling platform for brands and entrepreneurs. As the social media revolution has gained momentum, brands have struggled to get their products into the social pipeline. Zindigo has cracked the code for social commerce and spent the past 30 months developing the team, infrastructure and marketing tools to accomplish our revolutionary goals.

IG: How do you pick the fashion brands for Zindigo?
Zindigo: We have signed 100 brand partners. We are looking for unique and boutique type brands that you would find in Soho, for example.

IG: We noticed that our very own Singaporean luxury brand RAOUL is on Zindigo too! This is interesting, because some would tend to associate luxury fashion brands with “snob appeal”– too “high-end” to be on social media and accessible to the masses! What is your take on this?
Zindigo: Fifteen years ago, people said fashion would not sell online. Now every fashion brand is online and has e-commerce. Today, it’s the same with social media. All fashion brands want to give people what they want where they are, and people are on social right now.

IG: In the field of fashion marketing, both in academia and in practice, it has been said that “social media” is the next big thing. Would you agree with this notion of social media as a “trend”? Share with us your thoughts!
Zindigo: Social media is not a trend- it’s here to stay. It is the way people communicate and share with friends and family. In many cases Social Media replaces snail mail, traditional phones, meetings, rolodex, etc.

IG: Also, it seems like more and more brands are hopping onto to the social bandwagon! How do you think they can do fashion marketing strategically–so that they can really stand out among the crowd?
Zindigo: More brands are hopping onto the social bandwagon because this is where people are. They are not walking the malls, they are on social. Fashion brands can boost awareness and use the power of social through storytelling by using the entire social ecosystem to connect with social users by creating unique, compelling and relevant content.

IG: On a parting note, are there any advice you would like to share with aspiring entrepreneurs?
Zindigo: Knowledge is power. Learn and become an expert before attempting to revolutionize. To quote Winston Churchill “never, never, give up”.

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