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crypto.com case competition

Crypto.Com Case Competition 2019– A Huge Success!

IKIGUIDE has always been a huge supporter of community-driven initiatives and spotting talents right from tertiary institutions. Therefore, it was a huge privilege for me to be invited as a judge for the Crypto.com case competition!

Here is an excerpt from Crypto.com’s press release:

The first of a kind event in the crypto industry was hosted in partnership with Singapore’s crypto and blockchain portal, IKIGUIDE and the Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association (ACCESS).

With over 90 students participating from various tertiary institutions, including Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and Singapore Polytechnic (SP), 25 teams were given the opportunity to test their creativity and technical skills in the real-world. 

Team Cryptonauts, representing the National University of Singapore, won the competition with their user-centric product idea focused on instalment payments and received SGD 2,000. The runners up representing Nanyang Technological University, REPSOL and The Syndicate, won SGD 1,000 and SGD 500 respectively.”

The decision to choose the winners was a difficult one, and as judges, we had to deliberate carefully upon metrics such as presentation, impact to business models, and how innovative the cases are.

crypto.com case competition 2019

In particular, I was personally very impressed by members of the syndicate, who then went on to represent IKIGUIDE to cover the Swell by Ripple event. They did an excellent job of coming up with a mock crypto.com social media campaign which was actually feasible, running on an innovative #LockToUnlock hashtag.

crypto.com case competition
The winning teams of Crypto.com Case Competition 2019!

Needless to say, as judges, we are very happy that there were some teams with no prior cryptocurrency knowledge at all who joined, and won prizes too!

In his ending speech, Sean Rach, the Chief-Marketing-Officer at Crypto.com spoke about Crypto.com’s vision, mission and Incorporate values. There was one point which I really liked, which is this:

“Think Clearly”– Source

Indeed, in a messy and often hyped blockchain/ cryptocurrency industry, it is imperative to “think clearly” and be very certain about what is the end goal of a marketing tactic, campaign or strategy.

There is no wonder why then, that Crypto.com is the market leader in the “Crypto cards” landscape today. It’s simply because they put cut through all the BS and put a clear emphasis and priority on thinking clearly!

Interestingly, Crypto.com’s vision is also to put cryptocurrency in every wallet, something that they are doing extremely well. With DeFi becoming hotter day by day, we are excited to see how Crypto.com will fare in this aspect. Let’s stay tuned!

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Photo Credits: Crypto.com