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Designed for Happiness: Interview with Ektory!

Do you value originality and creativity? We found some time to catch up with the owners of Ektory today, and they will be sharing with us how they started a business creating stylish and unique lifestyle products. Enjoy!

IKI: Hello Ektory! Thank you for your time today! 🙂
Ektory: Hi! We are so happy to be talking to IKI.

IKI: Tell us a little more about Ektory? Why “Ektory”?
Ektory: Our lifestyle online store and events arm was borne out of a passion to spread happiness. We believe that happiness starts from inside you, your home, your workplace – it is all about how you choose to design your life for happiness. For example, waking up to a bedroom that is well styled gives you the feel-good factor to start the day right. Style is subjective and even though I think I lean towards an elegant mixed with quirky style, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate other tastes. I do. In fact, I believe that the best things come from a curated mixture of many styles that work well together. This could have stemmed from my experience of living in a cosmopolitan country my whole life – there is this beauty in diversification that I really admire.

With this belief in diversification and concept of a life ‘designed for happiness’, we thought of the brand name ‘Ektory’ – which comes from the merge of two words – ‘Eklektikos’ and ‘Factory’. ‘Eklektikos’ is the original word for ‘eclectic’ and in Greek, it means ‘choosing the best’. We want to choose the best for our customers and we believe that the best is a tasteful curation of diverse designs. Why a factory? A factory is a place where things are designed, assembled and made and it is our dream to one day create all our products from scratch, with the best designs. Currently more than half of our products and services are handcrafted and uniquely designed by us. We are halfway there working towards our goal!


IKI: What inspired you to set up Ektory? And who are the elves?
Ektory: I constantly draw inspiration from my environment, my friends and loved ones so I would say it came from a little bit of here and there. While I was studying in London before I set up Ektory, even though I had many friends I felt lonely constantly being away from home and the people I love. Especially during winter,when it gets so cold you end up staying at home a lot. I decided to distract myself and put my time to good use. I have loved drawing and the arts since I was little so I filled an entire wall in my bedroom with my drawings. I shopped for furniture, matching bedsheets, collected empty drink bottles and put flowers in them, grew my own mint and chilli plants, used an inflated donut float as a chair… and at the end of it all, I felt so much better. That’s when I realised that happiness is handmade by yourself and how important it is to live in a space that makes you feel good – this became my purpose. I wanted to create a brand that makes people feel good, and spread the message that ‘Happiness starts from home’.


IKI: You have the most amazing props! We love your flower wall. How did you get the idea to create your own flower wall?
Ektory: Thank you! I actually designed it for my own wedding photoshoot. I never liked buying/getting fresh flowers because i think it is sad that they are being cut add end up withering. My husband knows that about me so one time he made a flower out of a tissue paper for me and that made me very happy because the flower could last forever. After that, I chanced upon these faux real-touch flowers that are manufactured to look and feel real and immediately fell in love. I used these to make my flower wall. We received a lot of positive feedback with friends and families who saw the rose wall during my wedding. I posted a photo of the rose wall on Instagram and strangers started commenting if they could rent it. So I thought – why not?


IKI: How is the creation process like?
Ektory: For Ektory’s wall designs I have in mind what I want to make and the colour theme, then I gather the materials and do it. It is all very free-style. There is no initial sketch of what to expect and so I always get a surprise at the end of it. Imagination is a very powerful thing which constantly evolves and as much as I can, I try not to bind my designs with any rules, guides and sketches. Then I leave my workers to do the heavy lifting and carpentry work. Apart from our own walls which we rent out, we get a lot of customisation requests as well. For this, we work closely with our clients and try to help them visualise what it is they want, while playing the consultant and advising role, and injecting our own flavour into it. We are very inspired by our clients and always welcome an exchange of ideas because that is when we create the best stuff!

IKI: What would you recommend our readers to buy this Valentine’s Day?
Ektory: For Valentines Day we designed some cards and wrapped our real touch flowers in mini bouquet. Flowers that never die to represent a love that lasts forever!

IKI: On a parting note, is there something you would like to tell our readers?
Ektory: Always design your life for happiness!

Visit Ektory today!

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