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[Entrepreneurship + Innovation] AirGo Design

Almost anyone can be an entrepreneur–you simply need a simple vision backed by solid execution. But how many Singaporean-based companies can pursue entrepreneurship backed by solid innovation and research? This is why we find AirGo Design unique. We regard them as a truly innovative Singaporean-based startup, founded in 2013 by a visionary team of entrepreneurs.

Air travel has become increasingly common today with increased globalization. But how many of us have experienced prolonged neck/back/knee aches due to long haul flights? We have always taken such physical discomfort as necessary evils– are they not simply regarded as unfortunate symptoms that come with air travel? So imagine my biggest surprise when I caught up with the AirGo Team at Slush 2014 in Helsinki, to find out that they have come up with an elegant solution to this problem!

It also helps that the solution is extremely eco-friendly as well, and reduces carbon footprint.

In a gist, this is what the AirGo team promises, with their revolutionary design:

“AirGo 2016 is an award-winning design concept, praised by media in over 10 different languages as “The Future of Airline Seating”. It is destined to revolutionize how we travel. With an ultra-light and ergonomic human-contoured design, AirGo 2016 is going to be the game changer in an industry that has remained unchanged since the era of the 1960s.
AirGo 2016’s advantage is built on an innovative, ergonomic and user-friendly travel experience, simplified operation and new ecological seat construction with little maintenance. The design paradigm takes into account high recyclability and a reduced carbon footprint, thanks to its exceptionally lightweight design and better floor space management. 1960s cushion seats are dead.
AirGo 2016 is a radical concept redesign of passenger delivery systems. It can be easily implemented for other mass transportation industries such as rail and limousine transit.”

We are cheering for them! Visit AirGo Design to find out more, and stay tuned for our interview with the AirGo team!

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