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Future of Work: Why We Are Focusing On AI x Blockchain

Artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technology are complementary technologies. At IKIGUIDE, we believe the future of work lies predominantly in the combination of AI x Blockchain.

Future of Work: Riding On The New Infrastructure Created By AI x Blockchain

The marriage of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence can be summarised as follows: Blockchain technology can be applied to artificial intelligence, greatly improving the security and stability of artificial intelligence.

The essence of artificial intelligence is an “ability” that allows computers to learn and simulate human thinking. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science. It aims to understand the essence of intelligence and produce a new kind of intelligent machine that can react in a similar way to human intelligence. Research in this field includes robots, language recognition, image recognition, natural language processing and expert systems.

The function of Artificial intelligence is to identify the request of the other party’s blockchain interaction activity, recognise the activity type, and submit it to big data for activity analysis and prediction. Thereafter, a data scientist could sieve the results and draw a conclusion whether it is ok to sign a “contract” with the other party.

All interaction information that occurs after signing the contract is recorded and stored through the blockchain, and subsequent blockchain interactions can be processed according to this contract, without the consensus processing of big data, so this architecture is called the new blockchain architecture.

Source: 101 Blockchains

Based on artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain, we can build a new architecture. In this infrastructure, blockchain is the core and serves as the underlying data foundation.

Future of Work: Is Artificial Intelligence A Cause For Concern?

Many people are worried about whether the product of artificial intelligence–robots —will have their own thinking and destroy human beings, just like in a movie. However, the development of blockchain technology is very fast and the scope of application is more and more widely. When we combine the two, it will be a great invention that is better for the world. In other words, it will not threaten the safety of human survival.

The greatest significance of combining artificial intelligence with blockchain technology lies in the fact that blockchain technology can provide core skills for artificial intelligence—contributing the “chain” function of blockchain technology, allowing each step of artificial intelligence to “self-operate” and develop. It is recorded and published to promote the health, safety and stability of artificial intelligence functions.

The main role of blockchain technology then, is to store or verify data. The content of the data layer in the blockchain technology architecture is used here. Others, such as the contract layer, are replaced by artificial intelligence, and the consensus layer is replaced by big data.

The contract layer, incentive layer and consensus layer in the original blockchain architecture are not needed, because the blockchain is a private blockchain. Here, everyone and each organisation can generate their own blockchain according to this architecture and can recognise each other, unlike the public blockchain of bitcoin.

The Combination of AI and Blockchain Encourages Inclusivity In The Workforce

As a standalone technology, there is a high barrier for enterprises to adopt and use Blockchain. The technology is still not smart enough, and each blockchain is independent of each other

Therefore, as long as we follow a unified architecture, which is easy to use and expand, we can develop blockchain like a Linux open source software. As a result of this, everyone can participate– therefore, more and more applications can be created.

The addition of artificial intelligence and big data into the blockchain architecture is for the convenience of expansion and evolution. Compared with the original architecture of blockchain, AI has more expansion space for intelligent contract and scripts/code, and can adapt to and deal with more complex scenes and objects.

The blockchain level of consensus in the replaces how organisations are currently dealing with big data. Now, there is no need to worry about work done, as big data calculation, analysis and decision-making ability solves the consensus problem of chain and different private the block chain.

The combination of AI x Blockchain can also handle complex interaction request or artificial intelligence analysis tasks, which can access a large number of blockchain data faster and better.

Where Do We Go From here?

Here at IKIGUIDE, we are optimistic about the future of work. What is most important is to be prepare ourselves to be in a good position. Both AI and blockchain technologies are mutually inclusive, and could potentially pave the way for a much more inclusive, open and transparent future of work.

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