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Interview with Goh Yong Wei, Founder of SuperStoreSingapore. #findyourwei

Today IKIGUIDE has the great pleasure of interviewing Dylan, age 22, founder of the fastest-growing customized gift-shop Superstore Singapore. #findyourwei

Despite being so young, Dylan has already been in the corporate-gift line for the third year!

We hope that he inspires you as much as he inspired us!

IKIGUIDE: When and why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

Dylan: It all started when I was 14.

I saved my $5 daily allowance given by my parents and bought web hosting services to run websites and a $380 guitar to learn and teach fellow newbies interested in learning music. Then, I starved in school and took about 4-6months to reach that goal.

At that age, I realised that the Rich and well-to-do are always either:

A. Highly-educated, elites or working with the government. (AKA good results are needed);
B. Owners of business

Of course, inexperienced at age 14, the website failed, but at least it failed fast and I picked myself up rapidly.

This was basically how I got started in the world of business and entrepreneurship.


IKIGUIDE: Wow, yes we agree that entrepreneurship is all about failing– and failing fast– Dylan! Tell us more about the challenges you have faced?

A) Enlistment
While I was busy planning another start-up, I overlooked the fact that as a Singaporean male. So I was required to enlist into the army after tertiary education.

Therefore, months after I incorporated my company, I had to neglect everything and went into near-zero silence for the next 2 years while I served my national duties.

I’m really relieved that I made it through with the help of an awesome business partner. She pretty much took over every role in the company while I only helped out occasionally on some weekends.

B) Social Life
My social life has been dramatically reduced, I can no longer afford to stay up late or relax freely.

My blog maintenance also reduced due to the amount of time required to commit to my small-and-medium-size business.


IKIGUIDE: That sure sounds tough! But surely, there must be perks to being an entrepreneur! Can you tell us more about what you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?

Dylan: My nature of work allows me to constantly meet great people and even awesome celebrities!

And I get to dress whatever I want to work everyday, put on foundations/concealers without being judged, and color my hair too! đŸ˜€ There is also no need to apply for leave to do some charity or volunteer work whenever I’m free.

And of course, there is always the satisfaction of delivering what your clients want, to the highest possible quality.


IKIGUIDE: Do you have any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Dylan: Here are two tips:

A) Find the right business partner
Technically speaking, any Tom, Dick or Harry can be a business partner.  It is vital to choose and test the person to see whether he/she is the right person.

Do not blindly sign any papers without understanding the other party or anything related to business.

Remember: Your business partner is also your new wife/husband for life, you will together share, innovate, work, starve, suffer, be in success or embrace failure together.

B) There is no finish line
As an entrepreneur, take heed that once you start, there is no finishing line. One day you will have generations of people depending on you for a living, you cannot quit and failure is not an option.

Honestly, it’s easier and less stressful to work for someone 9-5 daily in Singapore.

But whatever career you choose, make sure that you are happy! That is the most important thing in life, isn’t it?


IKIGUIDE: Thank you Dylan for this interview!

Dylan: No, thank you for interviewing me!

Have a question for Dylan? Feel free to follow him and #findyourwei at:

  • Twitter @yongwei92
  • instagram @yongwei92
  • Facebook.com/gohyongwei
  • yw@iamnotfat.net / yongwei92@gmail.com