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How to brand yourself like Taeyeon~

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Today’s post is on how to brand yourself like SNSD’s Kim Taeyeon. We think Taeyeon has an excellent personal brand that will probably last for a long, long time to come!



We hope SNSD fans enjoy this post! We would love to hear your thoughts about our analysis, so be sure to leave a comment.

I. Who is Kim Taeyeon?

South Korean pop singer Kim Taeyeon was born on March 9, 1989 and is the leader of SM Entertainment’s girl group Girls’ Generation. Since then, she has attained fame due to the immense popularity of Girl’s Generation in the Southeast Asian region.

Apart from Girl’s Generation activities, she has also released various Top #1 singles for various television dramas and movies. In 2016, Gallup Korea hailed her as the most popular idol of the year, and received other allocates such as Best Female Artist at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

According to Taeyeon’s vocal instructor “The One” Taeyeon was described as a “smart” student who “wanted to be a singer and reach the top with her own talents.” This was “unlike others who came to him with dreams of becoming a celebrity”.

II. Why we think Taeyeon’s personal branding is great

For the purpose of this post, let us define “personal branding” as “superior skills made aspirational”.

We think Taeyeon’s personal branding is excellent because of her strong focus on her singing expertise.  Taeyeon was known to spend hours and hours honing her vocals and singing skills when she was young. Likewise, she easily stands out from her peers because her singing foundation is rock-solid.

“Expertise” is the critical element in distinguishing a lasting personal brand and a temporary one.


III. How do we brand ourselves like Taeyeon?

We can follow the six-segment theoretical model as follows:

Holi (1)

The top three segments “Sponsorship”, “Expertise” and “Fashion” are known as “public categories”. These segments are usually associated with a high-profile individual’s public activities and persona.

The bottom three categories “Leader”, “Daughter” and “Sister” are known as private categories. These segments are usually considered “private” and more exclusive to the celebrity and their fans.

Let us now examine Taeyeon’s personal branding by segments:

A) Sponsorship

Take a look at one of Taeyeon’s latest product endorsement– for the cosmetic company Banila Co.


As the brand ambassador of Banila.Co, Taeyeon becomes the ideal of a certain type of beauty espoused and celebrated by the brand.

Banila.Co’s branding has positive associations and connotations of “girly”, “pretty”, “youthful”, “fresh”, “happy” and “pink”. Undoubtedly, product endorsement for this beauty line has enhanced Taeyeon’s personal branding by a notch since she now represents an ideal that many girls can/should strive towards.

Implication: So if you want to “level up” your personal brand, try to clinch product endorsement for beauty brands as well. If you need IKIGUIDE’s professional help in this, please do not hesitate to contact us. 😀

B) Expertise

The strength in Taeyeon’s personal branding lies in her professional attitude towards music. Taeyeon easily stands out from other celebrities because of her true skill as a vocalist.

Watch two of her music videos, and you will see why Taeyeon stands out easily. Her vocals are compelling!

…Her live performances are stellar, too.


Implication: The core of personal branding is expertise. If you want your personal brand to last, then be sure to work on your expertise and be so good that nobody in your industry can ever ignore you!

C) Fashion

What is Taeyeon’s taste in fashion? taececi.jpg

Well, she has been featured in top fashion magazines like CeCi and Vogue. This is Vogue’s description of her fashion style:

“As the leader of Girls’ Generation—she’s the Beyonce of the band—a member of its subgroup TTS, and a solo artist in her own right, Taeyeon is constantly on the go. As such, she’s become as well known for her carefully considered airport looks. Favoring embellished bombers from Juicy Couture, or custom denim jackets by Caine London worn over flirty dresses or paired with kitsch-covered sweatshirts, Taeyeon provides an Instagram-worthy moment every time she steps out the door. Alexander Wang tops, pastel Markus Lupfer jumpers, and multicoloured Fendi cross-body satchels are also in regular rotation, but it’s less about the labels and more about the cuteness factor. Though she switches designers and styles easily, Taeyeon’s daytime wardrobe is defined by its youthful details; smiley faces, bows, cartoon motifs, and candy colors abound.

Even with the focus on sweetness, Taeyeon can still vamp it up when the moment calls for it. She often dons Versus Versace or reveals custom pieces when showtime arrives. And when she’s ready to add a seductive edge to her look, the result is laced with the same charming sensibility her fans have come to love. After all, who needs cutouts and crop tops when you’ve got a ruffled skirt and a playful denim romper? Here, see all the times, on- and off-duty, Taeyeon has taken her style to the next level.”

Two words to describe Taeyeon’s public image: Aspirational and versatile.

We have no doubt these are key strengths which draw her close to many of her fans. Fans look up to her because of her aspirational fashion style, and many fans are fascinated by her daily looks because they vary in such a natural manner.

D) Sister

Taeyeon is said to be very protective over her siblings. As the top star in South Korea, she sometimes receives malicious comments over social media.

From previous interviews, she had expressed her wishes to keep her siblings out of the limelight so that they could enjoy their privacy.

Undoubtedly, netizens and fans are moved by her big-sister protectionistic instincts. These are positive emotions to inspire in your fans!

E) Daughter

On some occasions, Taeyeon would show her fans some stories about her parents.

They seem to be quite close!


(Picture posted by Taeyeon’s parents after her 6th concert)

Taeyeon and her mother also appeared as a couple on Taeyeon’s instagram:


Too close and adorable– doesn’t this picture warm our heart?

Showing warm pictures with your parents on social media is sometimes great for personal branding, because everyone can relate to the sweetness and authenticity behind it.

We love Taeyeon’s pictures with her parents!

F) Leader

As the leader of Girl’s Generation, Taeyeon also comes across as a grounded leader. She even earned herself a nickname as a “kid leader” due to her youthful looks and has a reputation of taking on responsibilities for the group.

For example, when Jessica was booted out of Girl’s Generation, Taeyeon was the one who spoke first to the media in the capacity of a leader to apologise to fans.

Taeyeon also showed initiative as Girl’s Generation subgroup TTS, as a more reliable elder sister whom the other team members can rely on and turn to when things go wrong.

Traits such as “reliability” and “responsible” are great for personal branding as well!

IV. Conclusion

We hope you have enjoyed today’s post on Taeyeon’s excellent personal branding. Feel free to leave comments, we would love to hear from you!

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