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Interested in Writing For IKIGUIDE? Our Guest Post Guidelines

Are you interested in writing for IKIGUIDE? At IKIGUIDE, we serve the community and place the public interest at top priority.

We warmly welcome guest posts from contributors. Alongside our dedicated team of writers, guest contributors provide practical tips and “hacks” for readers to navigate this Fintech space a little better.

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Please read the following guest post guidelines before submitting a guest post:

1. Target audience
Our readership is largely comprised of members of the public.

Our site enjoys a largely global reach across continents, with Korea, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and the United States as some of the most prominent in our readership demographic. We prefer to have posts that are similar global in terms of their focus, although we’re also open to and will review posts that are local in nature for the aforementioned countries.

As we are serving the masses, we prefer if articles are kept non-technical and easy for the layperson to understand. Technical articles are considered on a case-by-case basis, and we would also appreciate if you can include a section on “implications” so that the masses can understand what you are writing.

2. Length of article
We prefer succinct and clear articles–Word count between 600-900 is best. The content should not exceed 1,500 words, unless and until it is a highly-researched material.

3. Professional Affliations
While we allow contributors to mention their affiliations and professional capacities, posts must be largely non self-promotional in nature.

It is entirely up to our editors’ discretion on whether an article is promotional or not.
Mentions of products and services are to be avoided, unless they are directly relevant and appropriate for the subject on hand.

4. Legitimacy of Author
We assess and accept guest posts from those who are contributing based on their professional capacities. That is, the byline writer must have the relevant background and expertise in the spaces they are writing about.

We strongly encourage all guest contributors to include a professional profile picture in any guest post submission, and a link to the contributor’s LinkedIn profile.

5. Attribution and links
By submitting the content, the writer grants IKIGUIDE licence to use, edit and modify the content.

We will provide full attribution to any contributor, and allow one single non-commercial link within the article as long as they are relevant.

Links are also subject to review. The studies and research materials, used in the articles, should be properly linked back to their original sources in order to avoid plagiarism.

We reserve all right to edit any contributed content for brevity, accuracy, house style and to correct grammar/spelling errors without changing meaning and coherence. We also reserve the right to remove any contributed posts that are later found to contravene the above guidelines.

Articles that do not fulfill the above requirements may qualify as paid post options. Please email us at hello [@] ikiguide.com for our rates.