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[Interview] Interested in Men’s Grooming? Ask Ryan!

Hey folks! Today we have Singaporean beauty blogger Ryan to share with us his passions towards beauty blogging. We love his engagement on instagram, and if you are a Singaporean guy/ entrepreneur who is interested in men’s grooming–do check out Ryan’s Instagram and blog!


IKIGUIDE: Hi Ryan! Can you start by telling us a little bit more about yourself and your blog?

Ryan: Hello everyone, my name is Ryan and I’m a male beauty blogger here in Singapore. The love of beauty has always been a major part of my life and it is that same passion and drive that made me decided to start my own blog this February.

Growing up, I’ve had my fair share of skin blemishes and redness, but through meticulous research and exchanges between friends who are in the dermatology field, my skin started to clear up and looked better. Hence, knowing how mind-boggling and confusing it is to be swarmed with the many products out there in the market that promises remarkable results, I hope my blog is able to help readers navigate through the products, the science, the brand’s philosophy, the ingredients and the efficacy. All these through a lighthearted and informal narrative that would classify it as an easy reading.

The blog also features the latest new product arrivals which are noteworthy, interesting and simply drool-worthy.

IKIGUIDE: What inspired you to start your blog?

Ryan: I’ve always been keen on sharing my knowledge with others. As well as able to learn new things from other people. As many people may know, I’ve acne-proned skin and I’m always trying out new products to see if they work for my skin type. There are many people who share the same woes and every time when I see them telling me that the certain products work well for them, I feel really really happy.

Similarly, the beauty industry is constantly evolving and improving, and every other month there would be a major breakthrough or innovation; that in itself is a big inspiration for me to continue doing what I do and sharing what I had learnt.

IKIGUIDE: What type of beauty products do you splurge on?

Ryan: Niche brands, brands with really unique and attractive packaging. I have been really into at-home peels of late too. Also, if you have to just splurge on one item, let it be a treatment serum/essence that has antioxidants in it. A facial serum/essence can penetrate deeper into the dermis layer to achieve its intended function, be it anti-aging, whitening or moisturizing.

IKIGUIDE: Where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts?

Ryan: That’s a tough question to answer. Well, I guess I find inspiration from the people I see, to the people I meet. When they share with me their concerns and even complains, the gears in my brain starts to rotate and I’d start breaking down their issues in my mind and think of a million ways that could perhaps help remedy it.

Also, the more traditional ways like flipping of magazines, reading up on new trends on the internet, and browsing the latest products offering by the brands.

IKIGUIDE: We love your Instagram! How do you keep your followers engaged?

Ryan: Thank you! I’m actually a lot more active there and I’ve made a lot of amazing people through Instagram. I try to introduce new products and share my knowledge often. From time to time, I also share with my followers the items I’m currently using and loving and talk a little more about how and why I am loving it. Through the sharing, it gives them a little more context and insights into the product, and at the same time, it allows them to get to know me at a more personal level. This, I feel, keeps them engaged and sort-of “know me” more than to just “follow me”.

Also, I post pictures of my adopted cat, Buddy, often. Who doesn’t love pictures of cat, right? Hahaha.

IKIGUIDE: What do you love most about beauty blogging?

Ryan: Besides sharing knowledge and experience with the readers, you get to attend private events and learn so much more from trade professionals! Also, through these events, you get to know people who shares the same interests and passion as you, and at the end of the events, you get to befriend so many lovely people!

Tell you a secret, because of the mutual interests and passion, there are times when I actually felt like I’m meeting a long-lost sister than an acquaintance.

IKIGUIDE: That’s so cool– to meet people via doing something you love. Where do you see your blog in 5 years?

Ryan: I’d still be expanding my knowledge and sharing them. I want to help everyone to achieve better skin and know what products are good because many people actually don’t really look at the ingredients before buying them. The ingredients in a product are actually very important because sometimes this can lead to allergy reaction or breakouts due to their comedogenic properties.

Also, I’m about to start a beauty-related business with a dear friend of mine, so I hope that works out beautifully and successfully too.

IKIGUIDE: WOW! We will be looking forward to that! 😀 On a parting note, are there any words of wisdom you would like to tell our readers, especially Singaporean men? It can be anything ranging from skincare, or anything philosophical!

Ryan: To all my fellow Singaporean men, don’t be afraid to experiment! Don’t be afraid to go to a beauty counter and inquire! And don’t wipe your perspiration with your hands! Use a tissue or handkerchief, they are more sanitary.

As the saying goes, there are no ugly women, just lazy women. It applies to men too! Well, my fellow men, there are many moisturizers, just choose the right one!


We hope you have enjoyed today’s interview! Feel free to visit Ryan’s blog or follow him on instagram 🙂

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