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Interview with Nelly!

(Picture from Nelly Liu Label!)

Today IKIGUIDE is extremely honored to have with us Nelly Liu, founder of Nelly Liu Label. With innovative design characterised by Wabi-sabi elements, Nelly is the latest fashion designer to watch!

In particular, our founder at IKIGUIDE–Wan Wei–had the huge privilege to participate with Nelly in crafting a beautiful Nelly Liu Label brand story. Read on:

“Conceptualized in July 2012, Nelly Liu is a contemporary womenswear label which offers functional pieces through innovative construction method and carefully thought out artisanal details. The label has a distinctive ‘structured wrap’ pieces which is creatively developed from advance pattern cutting techniques. Nelly Liu designs appeals mainly to modern and refined women who love beautiful fit and details.

Nelly Liu’s aesthetic is conceptualised with the idea of beauty in imperfection. Her designs are often described as minimalist, natural and unostentatious in its use of unusual cuts drape and hand-worked details.

Each of the collection pieces is meticulously developed with a fusion of artisanal concepts and utilitarian ethic.

Poetic and refined, the pieces are a balance of aesthetic quality and function.”

Intrigued already? 🙂 FInd out more about Nelly in this short-interview with her today!

IKIGUIDE: Hi Nelly! Thank you for your time today!
Nelly: You are welcome! Thank you for having me!

IKIGUIDE: It is so exciting that you are with here today! Can you tell us more about why you chose to have your own label?
Nelly: I started the Nelly Liu line because I have a deep passion for dressing women. My label has allowed me to do what I love most and grow.

Aside from that I need something that is unique, practical and that which I can afford. This fuels my passion to design clothing with a character, quality and which comes at a price point that women can relate to.

Ikiguide: Has it always been your dream to be a fashion designer AND an entrepreneur? Why not an artist, or a journalist, or a lawyer?
Nelly: Yes, it is my childhood dream to be a fashion designer. As an introvert, I use fashion and clothing design to express my thoughts and feelings. I love how clothing has the ability to change a woman physically and emotionally. It’s like you feel and look different when you put on a feminine floral dress as opposed to a masculine crisp white shirt.

I never thought I had the chance to be an entrepreneur though. I guess what drives me on this path is the great desire to hone my skills and design great products for women. Being an entrepreneur has allowed me the freedom to work really hard to make other women look and feel good about themselves.

IKIGUIDE: It seems that your label is distinctive in that while it is minimalistic, the use of unusual cuts, drape and hand-worked details make the collections stand out. What inspired you to do that?
Nelly: I am always inspired by couturier such as Vionnet, Yohji Yamamoto & Maison Martin Margiela who incorporate unique garment making techniques in their design. The concept of ‘Wabi-sabi’ and ‘reduction’ defines the use of unusual cut, wrap and drape technique which is consistent in my collection. Simply put, it is about understating certain element and strategically placing details in order to achieve the ‘imperfect’ beauty.

The use of ‘minimalist’ design allows women to bring out their individuality by styling it with their favorite accessories. I like my collection pieces to ignite creativity in personal styling.

IKIGUIDE: We hear that your label is made-to-measure. Isn’t it a tedious and difficult process to ensure that every piece fits the consumer?
Nelly: It is not easy as each consumer is unique. But it is rewarding because it gives me a chance to interact with the consumer and better understand them. I believe every woman is special. Through M2M, I am able to make clothes that suits their personality and make them feel good about themselves when wearing it. Couture also makes me realize that many women is uncomfortable with their body image. I strive to resolve this issue through the service.

IKIGUIDE: What are the top three best-sellers under your label?
Nelly: It would be the drape tank tops, feminine skirts and funky work blouses/ shirts.

IKIGUIDE: Do you have any tips for aspiring designers who eventually want their personal label?
Nelly: Work hard! There are no short-cuts. Patience and persistence will be your best partner.

IKIGUIDE: Thank you for your time today!

Inspired yet?

Visit the Nelly Liu label here.

Like Nelly Liu Label on facebook or follow them on instagram! (@nellyliulabel)

This interview is first published on RxR Magazine, republished with permission.

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