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[Media Conference] Locus Chain World Summit 2018

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Yesterday IKIGUIDE was invited to a closed-door media conference hosted by the Locus Chain Foundation.

locus chain

Locus Chain is the fastest and most scalable “fourth generation blockchain platform”. This makes it the most practical and cost effective integrated solutions for Smart Governments to develop “Smart Cities”– just like the initiative of the Singaporean government!

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The Locus Chain has made progress into the market place, and will make several announcements on the entry into the exchanges in the coming days.

Projects that have earned the trust of sovereign partners from all over the world were highlighted in the media briefing, in particular in Congo, Korea and the UAE region. LocusChain has also claimed to have raised up to USD835million (we did not get to verify this), which is an impressive sum of no small figure.

A truly remarkable aspect of the project which stands out strongly is the setting up of ‘Locus Chain Foundation’, an entity responsible for the overall business of the Locus Chain.

Business advisors and partners are heavily involved in this foundation which to contribute to the innovative development of human society. They do this via developmental economics and serving the developing nations by using the fundamental 4th generation blockchain technology from Locus Chain to radically change the economies and society of developing countries.

singapore ikiguide

With a strong pipeline of partnerships with governments and the private sector in the Middle East, Africa Asia and Europe, Locus Chain will celebrate their entry into the market hallmarks of the blockchain industry as a truly unique and advance next generation blockchain platform.

During the QnA session, Team IKI asked the Locus Chain spokespeople about the unique selling point of “forth generation blockchain”. The answer given is that Locus Chain’s blockchain will be more elegant, less complicated and more scalable than previous generations.

The press conference–attended by media from all over the world– was held at Fullerton Hotel and the reception at Fullerton Bay, so the whole summit was a really formal one!

singapore ikiguide

Before we end this brief report, IKIGUIDE also likes to express our appreciation to this lady Ms Basma Eissa. She has been really kind and patient in introducing the blockchain scene in Dubai to us.

We look forward to hearing more news and updates from Locus Chain! The Mainnet will be out in Q1 2019, so we are anticipating this 4th generation blockchain.

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