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[Announcement] NuMoney Event On 14th July 2018!

This is a guest post by Cheryl Goh from NuMoney. There is a NuMoney event happening this Saturday–Enjoy!

Started as an OTC (over the counter) service in late 2017 for beginners to get cryptocurrency easily even with minimal knowledge in the cryptocurrency field, NuMoney has since launched their cryptocurrency exchange in April 2018.

Tackling challenges like the closing down of bank accounts head-on, NuMoney Exchange currently has 40k verified users with only three months from their launch. Despite this large volume of users, customer support is still top notch as users can receive help from the many platforms such as NuMoney’s telegram group or the chat box on their website.

Within a month after the launch of Bitcoin and Litecoin market, which is available also in their Indonesia and Malaysia branches, NuMoney has announced that they will be launching their own NuMoney coin (NMX).

What is NMX? NMX is to become a store credit for Southeast Asians. Aiming to combine all of Southeast Asia’s market into one coin, users will be able to purchase NMX with fiat, and then used to buy or sell cryptocurrency. To attract liquidity, any market on NuMoney Exchange that trades with NMX will have a significantly reduced fee.

Interested parties have already taken part in the private sale of NMX, aiding NuMoney to raise over 2 million USD worth of funds. In preparation for the upcoming public sale of NMX to be held on the 3rd of August 2018, founder of NuMoney, Steven Goh, will be holding a talk on the 14th July 2018 to discuss different exchange coins and of course, the NuMoney coin.

Interested individuals can RSVP at this link and be sure to stay tuned to the growth of NuMoney Exchange, and also NMX.

Read their whitepaper here!

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