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Personal Branding for Job Seekers: 5 Tips.

Today’s post is on the 5 strategies on personal branding for job seekers.

According to recent reports by the World Economic Forum, 5 million jobs will be completely replaced by robots by 2020. Indeed, in today’s complex and fast-paced world, a degree from a top university does not necessarily equate a stable job for life anymore. 

Therefore, be bold–make your talents known! 

#1. Tell Your Story

The masses love stories. Whenever you tell a story to convey your message, it evokes certain emotions in your audience. Your story is therefore more memorable.

personal branding story
Tell your story!

Whenever you tell an authentic story involving your life journey, you come across as personable and humane, which also makes you more relatable.

Therefore, do not be afraid in showing your vulnerabilities or failings. Tell a story to connect with the audience, to influence and to touch their hearts. Share with your audiences how you overcome challenges in your life, against all odds.

“Just as you are” is not necessarily easy because it exposes your vulnerabilities. Therefore, be bold in making the first step!

#2. Have a great social media presence

Many recruiters now google your name before inviting you to an interview with them. Having a great social media presence which showcases your personality is therefore important in personal branding for job seekers.

  • Have an Instagram? Showcase your photography and storytelling skills.
  • Have a Facebook? Showcase your past accomplishments and teamwork.
  • Have a blog? Showcase your writing skills.

The idea here is to reassure your future employers that your vision is aligned with theirs, and that you will be a great fit for their company culture.

#3. Social Proof–Have people vouch for you online

Here, recommendations on LinkedIn will come in handy. Have your past clients, managers and bosses vouch for your abilities, character and talent.

Having ex-employers or colleagues endorse your abilities will help put your future employers at ease and increase the likelihood of you being hired.

#4. Establish Trust: Give before you ask

Many people think of “networking” as “shamelessly” asking people you know for a job.

On the contrary, skilled networkers give more than they take or ask. They build trust and a long-term relationship by being helpful or useful to their crowd unconditionally. They always make time for other trusted professionals in their network!

Make it a good habit to establish trust by giving before you ask. Be generous with your time and skill-sets.

Answer phone calls, take people out for coffee, contribute back to the ecosystem.

#5. Be consistent and authentic

“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation.”


Think about who your values and who you want to be, and be consistent with this image.

Being consistent with your image implies not preaching contradictory statements in public. Nobody trusts a dog which quacks! Be aware of how you are presenting yourself to others and compare that to the social norm.

Stay alert also to possible contradictions in the messages you are sending out and listen to feedback. As much as possible, be honest and consistent with all interactions.


We hope you have enjoyed today’s post on the 5 strategies to creating an amazing personal brand! Never give up in your journey to finding your ideal career. Have a great week ahead.

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