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[13th Jan ’18] Singapore Bitcoin Club x Bountie.io Outreach

Yesterday I had the privilege of emceeing a Singapore Bitcoin Club x Bountie.io event as one of Bountie’s ambassadors–yay!


And here’s the view from the front!

soh wan wei
Apologies for the blur photo, I was sneaking a selfie before the event LOL

It was really fun and the turnout was awesome.singapore bitcoin club singapore bitcoin club

In particular, I learnt a lot from Caleb’s Singapore Bitcoin presentation! Do you know that you can offer crypto loans on the Poloniex platform? I didn’t even know that until he presented šŸ˜®

And of course here’s Jose doing the presentation of what Bountie.io is about. =)

singapore bitcoin club

Tadah! Dinner after the entire event.


Overall it was a nicely conducted event and I’m proud to be a Bountie.io brand ambassador! ^^ It was enriching to talk to the folks at Singapore Bitcoin Club too, we should do this more often ^^

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