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[SAFRA Event] Unchained Blockchain Conference on 21 October 2018 (Sunday)


Singapore, 12 October 2018 — DIFY has partnered with SAFRA and its interest
group, SAFRA Tech Club, to launch the first Unchained event on 21 October 2018

safra blockchain

To be held in SAFRA Yishun, the event aims to attract the public to
understand the concept of Blockchain through attractive prizes and sharing from
industry experts. A total of 22 distinguished guests and industry leaders will be in
attendance to share their knowledge and journey into the Blockchain industry.

Unchained: A Heartlander Event

Organised by DIFY, a local PR and marketing company that services clients in the
Blockchain industry, Unchained seeks to address the misconceptions and doubts
the public has towards Blockchain. The two founders of DIFY, Mr. Roy Kek and Ms.
Marjorie Poon, saw the need to help educate the public on the understanding and
mass potential of Blockchain.

Ms. Poon said, “When Roy and I were first introduced to Blockchain, both of us had
our fair share of misconceptions of the technology. Thinking back, it would have
been more helpful if we attended events that simplified the concept of Blockchain
instead of relying on internet videos and articles.”

The hype around Blockchain has been growing steadily in Singapore and while some
understood it as a form of technology, most others often confuse it as Bitcoin or
other form of cryptocurrencies. With Unchained, there is a better understanding of
the technology. Each event will be graced by different industry experts who will
share the basics of Blockchain and the practical usage of the technology.

Industry Veterans Speak

“Blockchain is fast becoming an extremely exciting industry with many potential use
cases that will prove to be game changers for many corporations. Corporations will
do well to start understanding the power of this disruptive technology. DIFY has put
together a nice program where participants can get a high-level understanding on
blockchain and its power to disrupt,” said Mr. Branson Lee from Singapore Fintech
Association (SFA), a cross-industry non-profit organisation designed to facilitate
collaboration between all market participants and stakeholders in the FinTech

SAFRA Tech Club too believes in the potential of the event and is excited to share this event with the interest group.

“We are pleased to organise Unchained 2018 as part of our interest group’s latest line up of technology-driven events. This event is great for SAFRA members and public who want to know more about what blockchain is but do not know where to start. We have some very experienced speakers lined up, plus interesting activities for everyone to try as well.” said Donald Yeo, Chairman of SAFRA Tech Club.

Register Today!

Apart from SFA and SAFRA, other attendees include representatives from notable industry organisations such as Huobi Global, Stellar, Institute of Blockchain Singapore (IBS) and Association of Cryptocurrency Enterprises and Startups, Singapore (ACCESS). Registration for the event has started on SAFRA’s website and will close on 17 October 2018 (Wednesday).

All SAFRA Tech Club members get free access while SAFRA members and general members of the public can purchase their tickets at $5 and $8 respectively. Register here today!

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