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Want to be a travel blogger? Check out our interview with Veera!

Attention all wanderlusters: Today we have a huge, huge pleasure of interviewing the award-winning travel blogger Veera Bianca! Veera is a friendly and professional wanderluster with endless curiosity and passion for traveling and exploration around the globe. Because of her vast adventures wandering around Asia, she bagged the fancy title of The Best Asia Blogger in Finland.  We are impressed by her humility and love for travel!

IKIGUIDE: Hello Veera!! Can you tell us more about yourself?
Veera: Sure! Well, I’m someone with an urge to roam and wander the globe. It’s a very worrying case of travel fever (yes, I’m writing to you from an airport, oops).

But yes, it’s not only fun and games, I have worked really hard on making my passion my career. Now I work as a Community Lead and World Traveller for a travel app, CreateTrips and write one of Finland’s most popular travel blogs.

And to make sure I never have free time, I also write for Finnair and Expedia Singapore.

IKIGUIDE: Haha, that’s funny–busy Veera! 😀 At what age did you take your first trip and how old were you then?
Veera: My first trip to abroad was when I was a teenager and my mom took me to Paris. She has a fear of flying, so we took a ferry to Germany and from there, a bus to France. I will never forget sitting there in the bus, waking up somewhere on the boarder of France to the most beautiful sunrise. I felt more home than ever before, though I had never been that far from home.

Since then, I’ve returned to Paris for 4 times and cannot wait to go back yet again.

IKIGUIDE: How is life like as a travel blogger?

Veera: It’s crazy. I’m not sure what else to say, haha. No, but truly, it has changed my entire life. I still have days when I just stop for a minute to appreciate all that I have in my life because of that little place in the internet.

Many people say I have an easy life and that they are jealous – but trust me when I tell you, there’s nothing easy about it, but if you love it, it’s well worth it. It’s not an easy way to make a living, there are hundreds or even thousands of travel bloggers out there all trying to make a living doing what they love.

You should not go in it for easy money or free trips – there’s no such a thing, not in travel blogging for sure.

IKIGUIDE: Has it always been your dream to become a travel blogger?

Veera: Not at all. When I started, I had no idea there could be such a dream at all. I wanted to just share my experience in Australia with friends and family. After I returned, I kept going because I had always loved to write. Writing has always been the one and only way I can truly express myself.

IKIGUIDE: How many countries have you been to in total?


Veera: I never count. I’ve never been into numbers and often return to places I love. I value the experience, not the amount of places I’ve seen. But, to give a guess, the number is somewhere above 30.

IKIGUIDE: Can you share with us your some of your most memorable experiences as a travel blogger?


Veera: Oh no, too many amazing experiences to choose from. I guess the most memorable ones don’t really have much to even do with travel, truly. The most memorable part is the people I’ve met and made friends with. Not just the travel bloggers, but also those who follow my journey. I love being able to inspire people to do what they desire and everytime I receive a message from a follower, it makes my heart all fuzzy.

IKIGUIDE: How about some unpleasant encounters? How did you deal with them?
Veera: I don’t travel with much good luck to be honest. I’ve fallen off a horse and broken my spine, I’ve nearly died over a food poison in in India and flown through a super typhoon. You can read more about my bad luck here.

IKIGUIDE: !!!!!!!! That is so scary!! How then, is it ever possible to make a living as a travel blogger? Do share some tips with us!
Veera: For me, and I guess for most bloggers, income doesn’t only come from the blog. I do some sponsored posts and trips, give lectures and do workshops.

But my main way of making a living is working with the world’s best travel app, CreateTrips. I originally got involved with the app through my blog, flew to Shanghai to give it a try – more than a year later, I’m still with CreateTrips and I absolutely love every minute of it! 🙂

IKIGUIDE: On a parting note, do you have any words of wisdom for our readers?


Veera: Yes. Many. Haha. I wish people didn’t stress about not knowing what they want from life, what’s their calling and what they are good at. I understand, I had felt that too.

But take my advice and take a year off, book a one-way-ticket to anywhere and get away to get to know yourself! I promise, it will be well worth it.

We hope you have enjoyed our interview with Veera today! Follow Veera’s adventures on Instagram and her blog.

All photos from Veera’s flickr account, which you can follow here.

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