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A Blockchain Is Forever: Viola.AI For Unmarried Couples

What’s the similarity between a blockchain and a diamond?

That’s right– they are both symbols of eternity. And the Viola.AI blockchain aims to capture that.

Interestingly, Viola.AI has come up with a unique concept for couples to materialise their wedding vows onto blockchain technology. This makes the concept and wedding vows immutable, public and transparent. Of course, this seems like a futuristic complement to the traditional wedding vows to the couple, which gives a modern edge to the wedding.

Viola.AI introduces REL-Registry (RELationship Registry) — a decentralized, verified global Relationship Registry on the Blockchain, complemented by a powerful lifelong AI Love Advisor (Relationship Assistant) to help singles and couples find love and happiness.

In addition, once couples are married, the record of them as “married” will be recorded on the Viola.AI blockchain and subsequently made transparent and available globally. This helps prevent love scams which are so prevalent in society these days, as well as one party having extra-marital affairs on sugar websites or on websites like Ashley Madison. Cases of love scams can then be significantly reduced with this Viola.AI registration function.

Commitments Made Easy

What is more interesting about this concept for unmarried couples is the presence of smart contracts. They remind couples of the commitments they have for each other prior to their wedding.

Take for instance, visiting in-laws on a certain date, or remembering to take a night’s out weekly. Sometimes couples simply take each other for granted and it would be really nice to have a system or an app to remind each other of the various commitments they have made prior to marriage.

In addition, Viola.AI has made possible of a love assistant operated by artificial intelligence to recommend exciting dates and activities to the couple. These may even be places or activities that the couple might not know about prior to using Viola.AI.

The database gathered by Viola.AI is that of the many couples who have met and married each other through Viola.AI’s parent company, Lunch Actually. True to Viola.AI’s mission, this element of the unknown-unknown has the real potential of changing couple relationships, one at a time! The Viola.AI love assistant can then help couple spice up their dating and married lives. It subsequently encourages them to grow together more intimately.

So what do you think? Will you take the additional step of complementing your marriage by registering your Mr & Mrs on the Viola.AI blockchain?

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