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3 Things The Viola.AI Love Assistant Can Do For Couples

This weekend, we watched an episode on Netflix’s “Black Mirror” that was on AI and dating.

alfred viola.ai

And that really caught our interest–because isn’t that precisely what Viola.AI is doing on blockchain? 😉

One of the most compelling features of the Viola.AI project is the powerful lifelong AI Love Advisor (Relationship Assistant) to help singles and couples find love and happiness.

You can watch the following video by Violet Lim, founder of Viola.AI, to find out more about the Love Advisor:

Here are the three things the Viola.AI love assistant can do for couples!

Viola.AI Love Assistant Special Power #1: Helping Couples Stay Intimate

viola.ai couples

The beauty of the Viola.AI love assistant is that it is equipped to give advice to singles and couples regardless of the relationship stages they are currently at.

Well, people always say that love is a commitment, don’t they? What they don’t tell you is that sometimes commitment can be really boring, and couples do get tired of each other. In such cases, it is vital to get some extra and external help, and Viola.AI aims to provide this additional push.

With the extensive data collected from real human couples, current couples could learn what it is like to be human and kind towards one another. For couples who do not know how to appreciate or communicate well with each other, the Viola.AI love assistant could prove to be a helpful companion to provide data-backed suggestions.

Viola.AI Love Assistant Special Power #2: Helping Couples Stay In Touch With Reality

The mass media nowadays can set super unrealistic expectations when it comes to love and romance.

Just think about the numerous K-dramas where a multi-millionaire super good looking oppa starts to date an average looking girl, and they live happily ever after after overcoming dramatic trials together.

Could expectations of love and romance get any higher?!

Well, the Viola.AI love assistant helps singles and couples adjust their expectations so that they neither place people on pedestals, nor demonise each other. It helps two individuals see each other as human beings and promotes kindness in the relationship, by showing how other people in the past have made their decisions.

Love has never been kinder with Viola.AI!

Viola.AI Love Assistant Special Power #3: It Helps Couples Spice Up Their Relationships!

The Viola.AI love assistant helps couples spice up their relationships by suggesting fun and relevant unknown-unknowns to the couples.

For example, a couple might love sports but not know that there is a newest form of sport activity in town that they might enjoy. This love assistant can then suggest this activity to the couple based on past data points, or current similar data points suggested by similar couples.

Dating in a committed relationship has never been more fun!

Would You Use Viola.AI Love Assistant?

Well, I definitely would! It’s a really handy and smart AI that I would want to have to make my relationship with my boyfriend a sustainable one. My boyfriend is a developer and sometimes he’s not very expressive, whereas I’m a PR person and sometimes I don’t know what to talk to my boyfriend since I don’t code much.

I’m sure there were many couples like us that Viola.AI love assistant could refer to and then make recommendations on how to make our relationship better. So I’m really looking forward to this AI! 🙂

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