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What Are Bitcoin Faucets And How To Use Them

Without investing much, you can earn through Bitcoin faucets. These are websites that provide Bitcoins in sizeable amounts to customers, which can be built by anyone and earned through various strategies.

Here is an in-depth discussion of what are Bitcoin faucets are and how you can use them:

What Are Bitcoin Faucets?

Bitcoin faucets operate by giving away free Bitcoins to its users, which can be anywhere between 0.000001 BTC and 0.0001 BTC. Although this sounds too good to be true, Bitcoin faucets are actually earning money by giving it away for free, as they are trying to spread knowledge about Bitcoin through which they are also profiting from. When you request for coins, you will have to wait to receive the next batch. 

The Bitcoin faucet industry is huge since most Bitcoin websites operate as Bitcoin faucets. To know the best Bitcoin faucet you can use, it’s wise to look at reviews and rankings. The whole business of Bitcoin faucets depends on generating web traffic by placing a large number of ads to websites. 

These ads then bring in traffic to the site. Moreover, these Bitcoin faucets will reward you a percentage of Bitcoin as you bring customers to these websites through a referral system. It has proven to be so successful that it has given birth to a new kind of website—the Bitcoin faucet generator. 

Through a rotator, you can surf through every Bitcoin faucet website without visiting their actual page. The links given in each website include a rotator referral link, and the owner would earn a commission from the website every time you visit. 

However, there’s a condition to this method. You cannot earn money simply by visiting faucets as it will take a long time and you can only earn so much. Hence, this option is not viable. One solution to this problem can be “creating a faucet,” but that requires a huge amount of resources to generate traffic. 

How To Build A Bitcoin Faucet

As mentioned, Bitcoin faucets earn by placing ads on high-authority websites. A faucet can be built by installing a Bitcoin faucet WordPress plugin, and by using any web host, you can create a site. The next steps are:

  • Get a domain name for your online presence. 
  • Afterwards, acquire a hosting service, then set up a WordPress website. 
  • Download and upload Bitcoin faucet WordPress plugins. 
  • Make accounts on a micro wallet service and add your website’s URL. This is where you will be acquiring your payments. 
  • Set up the plugin. There are a lot of faucet options, hence it’s best to explore those given by the plugin. 
  • Invest in the plugin as you will need to send rewards to your customers with the help of micro wallet services.

How To Use Bitcoin Faucets

Earning through Bitcoin faucets is simple: when you visit the faucet page, you will have to enter your Bitcoin wallet address or the email ID associated with it. A timer on the website will be counting how much you’re spending on the website as the Bitcoin faucet is based on a reward system.

You will then be rewarded when you have spent a certain amount on the website and passed the limit on the timer. After which, you can claim your reward through the “claim button”. Typically, you will have to prove that you’re not a robot by clearing the “Recaptcha” test, inserting a code, or anything similar. 

Your reward will be credited immediately to your wallet or after a certain waiting period. Moreover, these faucets are designed to have a time limit for one user, hence you cannot immediately use their faucet again after claiming your reward. 

How To Make Money From Bitcoin Faucets

You can earn more through Bitcoin faucets by building your own. Channel your energy toward earning from your site. Here are some ways you can achieve this:

  • Place Ads: Your main goal is to lure people into clicking on ads. You must be able to post ads to your website to generate traffic no matter what the quality of the traffic is. One way you can achieve this is by working with ad services. 
  • Use Referral Links: Affiliate marketing or referral links will help you earn a lot through Bitcoin faucets. One way is to place a link with an enticing line to lure people in. When an eligible user signs up using your referral link, you would be getting a decent commission. 
  • Build A Rotator: The idea of building a rotator is to use the referrals of other faucets to earn money through commissions. 
  • Boost Traffic: Increasing your traffic is another important step. There are some important factors involved in getting more traffic, but the end goal is to rank your website higher than others so you generate more site visitors. 

Bottom Line

Bitcoin faucets are a great channel to earn some profit without having to invest in Bitcoin. After acquiring your Bitcoin wallet, you can move over to any faucet and earn first by spending and then claiming your reward.

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